If you would like, let’s start by first taking a moment to pause and breathe.

Slow deep breath in, notice the space in your chest and heart,

soft steady exhale out, pause to reflect on how you feel right now.

Noticing that one breath, you step closer to a more empowered and stronger you.

It is the small acts we take consistently that lead to a more fulfilling life. 

Wherever you are on your journey, whatever you have brought with you, you are welcome.


Ling Beisecker, LCMHC, E-RYT

If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, angry, sad, or stuck in life, let’s connect. As a yoga teacher, personal trainer, and psychotherapist, I offer a holistic approach to healing and growth that might be of benefit to you. Movement-based work and talk therapy are practices that transform the limiting patterns of thought and behavior that keep us in the same ruts.

I provide compassionate, authentic, and nonjudgmental care. Together, we can create an individualized wellness plan to help you live a healthier, happier, and more holistic life.


What To Expect At Your Visit

Currently, all my offerings are via telehealth. Once we are back in person, our sessions can be joined by Sterling the Sheepadoodle puppy! He can attend sessions for hugs and treats. 

Regarding what to expect in terms of our work, I offer a collaborative partnership. I bring my training, personal practice, and curiosity. You bring your interests, stories, and presence. Together, we create a plan that works for you.

Influenced by relational therapy, trauma-informed yoga philosophy, and Buddhist psychology, I aim to provide a safe and supportive space to unpack, process, and grow.


Wellness Services

If you are looking for talk therapy, yoga teaching, or personal training, I can help.
You can opt for one modality or blend them together for a holistic approach to health and healing.

Talk Therapy

Rooted in dialogue, our sessions provide a genuine, engaging, and supportive environment for you to express yourself freely without worry of judgment. As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, I offer individual and group therapy specializing in anxiety, complex trauma/PTSD, and relationships.

Yoga Teaching

On and off the mat, our sessions offer a safe and supportive environment to learn yoga. As an Experienced Registered Yoga teacher (E-RYT 200) and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP), I collaborate with my clients to create individualized programs to help them feel and live better. I also offer yoga mentorship for new teachers and serious students.

Personal Training

If you are in a fitness rut or struggle with self-motivation, I am here for you. As a former elite athlete, I understand the physiology and psychology of movement. As a ACE Certified Personal Trainer and ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, I draw from years of training groups and individuals. I blend evidence-based practices with space to nurture your inner voice. I work primarily with individuals new to fitness and wellness.

Individualized Wellness Plan

Interested in working on your mind and body? The sky is the limit!

  • We can meet for talk therapy weekly and I can create a yoga sequence to complement our work.

  • We can meet for a run outside then head to the office to talk.

  • We can create a home meditation and yoga practice for you.

Before you become paralyzed with possibilities, step back, and think: if I could create my ideal wellness journey, it would look like this... Then reach out and let's make it happen.


Let's Connect

I offer free 30-minute in-person or phone consultations.

When scheduling a consultation, please include your name, preferred contact method (email or phone), a short description of your interest, and the best time to reach you. If you would like me to call you but not leave a message, please state that in the form.

It takes great courage to reach out for support. I want to acknowledge your efforts. Be brave, be vulnerable, and most of all be authentically you. I look forward to getting to know and share space with you!



Ling Beisecker, LCMHC, E-RYT

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